Josh and Alan

Adventurer’s Log: Julio 8
The adventurers arrived in Fairdragon City. After looking around, they were directed to The Water Dragon’s Den where they met Browen.
He sold them information on where to search fo their respective objectives. They would both need to travel to the Northern Wilds.

The Waitress Alona agreed to accompany them and guide them on their journey. After setting out, they came across a young boy who had
been poisoned by Kobolds. After dispatching the Kobolds, our heroes rushed him to Dracdale where he was nursed to health by the doctor Magus.

Afterwards, they set out for the Northern Wilds. They encountered several packs of Kobolds and eventually reached a Cavern that the kobolds were trying to enter.
Humple charmed one of the kobolds and they learned that they were trying to steal the bronze dragon’s hoard for their red dragon master. After hearing this,
Alona slit the kobolds throat.

The adventurers camped in a nearby cave for the night. Aelar woke up in the wee hours of the morning to find Alona had disappeared. They went back to the cave
where they had slain the kobolds searching for her only to find that the boulder blocking there path had been moved.

They delved into the cave and found the Bronze dragon’s lair. They spoke to the bronze dragon who informed Humple that he might be able to find a magical item to suit his means in the Labyrinth below Fairdragon City. Humple kinda pissed her off by trying to steal her gold.

Afterwards they returned to camp. Aelar snuck out to watch the cave once more and encountered the dragon. After speaking briefly to her she dove into the water. Aelar set off for Dracdale once more and Humple awoke in the morning to find Alona had returned. Aelar was severely wounded by some kobolds while traveling alone but they all met up in Dracdale the next day. Alona

The boy they had saved had left the day before to travel to Fairdragon City. So, the three returned to the city and Humple began to look into starting up a guild. He is currentlyy searching for an enchantress that is also searching for guild members. Meanwhile, Aelar contemplates his next move.


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