Return to the Wilds

Josh, Alan, and Evan

Julio 9
Balasar, a Dragonborn paladin of the Order of Green Horns from LochRose, arrived on the early ferry at Fairdragon City. He came in search of answers. What was sickness that
plagued his homeland? What had wiped out his Order? The last words of one of his order members told him to seek answers from the Dragon on Fairdragon Isle.

Balasar first sought shelter at the Stone Hearth a local Inn just outside the city walls. It was here he met Aelar and learned of the Fairdragon. Aelar offered to traveled to
the dragon’s den with him and suggested that they first see if Alona would be willing to guide them once more. After eating they headed over to the Water Dragon’s Den, where
they found a very drunk Humple.

They requested guidance from Alona but she said that she couldn’t leave work again so soon. She, however, offered them a map of the area and a reward for any information they could bring her about the Kobolds that had been spotted in the area on their previous adventure. They agreed and Aelar went to check on the young boy Drago. After learning from a young girl named Salem that Drago had joined The Dragon’s Fang, Aelar went to their guild hall and left a message for Drago who was in the Labyrinth at the time training with his guild.

Upon returning to The Water Dragon’s Den, Aelar learned that Balasar had agreed to join Humple’s guild that he was trying to form. They returned to the Inn for the evening and
set out the next day, taking the road towards Dracdale.

While traveling, the group was set upon by bandits. They managed to defeat the bandits and capture their leader. After some bartering, the leader agreed to give up all his
gold and turn over a new leaf. Later that night, while camping the group was set upon by a goblin group which they managed to dispatch with some difficulty. They found on one
of the Goblins a note written in the Goblin language which they took with them.

They set out the next morning for Dracdale. However, upon arriving, there was no one guarding the gates. They could hear the sounds of battle coming from inside the town and
rushed in to help. After dispatching a group of goblins that were engaged with two guards, they rushed off to help some villagers trapped in villager Magus’s house. Inside
they were faced with the goblin squad leader and 3 of his minions.

Realizing his men were losing the fight, the squad leader took one of the villagers hostage. Humple attempted to strike the leader by throwing his dagger and in response the
he cleaved the village girl’s head clean off her shoulders. This incited a rage in Balasar who then charged the goblin leader smashing him with a devastating blow that sent
him flying against the wall. Aelar jumped on the chance and finished the goblin leader off with his blades.


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